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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Gone to the Dogs

Had a go at the late afternoon/early evening card Greyhound card today and found them not too difficult to trade., especially the meeting at Sheffield  where there was a hot favourite in nearly every race and with a fair bit of money around. Surprisingly I made more on the dogs than I made on the horses, albeit with more races, previously I've struggled to make enough for it to be worthwhile.

One thing for sure is that you need the right discipline when trading the dogs as their in no In Play.

I've also been looking at deliberately trading In Play, although this is something that would disrupt pre race trading in terms of getting set up in time for the next race, thought I'd have a look as someone suggested it to me in a comment on my blog.

Happy New Year to anyone that reads this and if you're trading I wish you the best of luck


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